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as police or thie●f-takers, patrolling the high road▓s, suppressing conventicles, and at the Lond●on playhouses keeping the peace.” The Hous●ehold Cavalry were at first called “

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Troops ▓of Life Guards of Horse,” and the 2nd, or “Qu▓een’s Troop,” wore green facings i●n honour of Queen

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Catherine.▓ But the dread of an army was very slow▓ in dying, even with so small▓ a force as the king could no?/p>

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駑 command.As soon after this as ▓1673, the Commons resolved to▓ grant no more supplies until secured● against

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Popery, and in 1674 the Com▓mons voted “that any armed forc▓e in the kingdom, excepting the mi▓litia, was a gr


ievance.”16 In case of fo▓reign war, therefore, armies were ▓hastily levied for a campaign, and as has●tily

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disbanded when hostilities ceased, and p▓eace was dec

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ere little▓ better than bandits.Roads were no

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